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Week's Forecast

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday 17th September, valid Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th September, next update by Sunday 24th.Settling down, warmer.The powerful storms across the Atlantic are pulling huge amounts of warm, tropical air up the US eastern seaboard. This warm air is clashing with colder air moving south from Canada. The eventual result is expected to be a very deep low pressure system in the western Atlantic. There is always a balance and this should be in the shape of a fair weather high pressure across the eastern Atlantic, close to the UK. The computer forecasts are promising this by the weekend and for a few days beyond.This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale:- high 18°C (65°F), low 5°C (41°F) precipitation 13mm (0.5in), sunshine 40hr, high gust 30mph. Risks:- flooding medium, gale medium, ground frost medium.I expect a more normal setup this week with winds backing westerly as low pressure takes up position north of Scotland and high pressure to our south. This should be kinder to us in Teesdale in the shelter of the high Pennines as it replaces the cool, showery northerly flow that has plagued us for so long. There will be bands of rain and showers midweek, heaviest in the upper dale, but each successive computer model run is tending to show the rain bands further to the west, staying away from us. Last week's weather:- Screen temperature 10.5°C (normally 11.9°C) High 16°C(60°F) Monday. Low 6°C (42°F) Wednesday. Windiest 40mph Sunday 10th. Precipitation 27mm (norm 15mm). Sunshine 48hr (norm 30hr).That long-awaited anticyclone is expected to be close-by at the weekend heralding the beginning of a few days’ fine spell. However, this has been promised for many weeks now but it is elusive and it could disappear again just as it did last weekend. Ken Cook’s 12 hourly Teesdale forecasts, http://

COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met. Office manned observing site.