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Week's Forecast

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday 17th June, valid Wednesday 20th until Sunday 24th June, next update by Sunday 24thA few showers, but often dry.As usually happens, the position of the polar jetstream will influence the weather in Teesdale this week. It will be very close to us initially, then gradually move away northwards. This will bring a predominance of westerly winds with rising pressure to our south-west as the Azores High begins to influence the weather. This setup is usually quite kind to us in Teesdale, especially the sheltered lower parts. This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale:- high 17°C (63°F), low 7°C (45°F) precipitation 5mm (0.2in), sunshine 60hr, high gust 40mph. Risks:- flooding low, gale medium, ground frost medium.I expect rainfall to be quite low this week with a fair amount of sunshine, but temperatures will be not be far from average with overnight ground frosts continuing in the clearer polar air. There will be big temperature contrasts with the south of England but this is assuming we will be in the cool northern part of the jet. Even a one hundred mile shift of the jetstream will bring us much warmer air.Last week's weather:- Screen temperature 11.9°C (normally 12.5°C) High 21°C(70°F) Monday. Low 4°C(40°F) Sunday 17th. Windiest 58mph Thursday. Precipitation 2mm (norm 15mm). Sunshine 44hr (norm 37hr).Storm Hector, one of the latest named Atlantic storms of recent years, intensified quite suddenly last week and brought a gale to much of Teesdale on Thursday –so much for my forecast of a low gales risk! From Tuesday it was well forecast and windspeeds touched 60mph widely, even hitting 100mph at Dun Fell radar station in the upper dale. This was only our third June gale in the past 20 years. Ken Cook’s 12 hourly Teesdale forecasts, http://

COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met. Office manned observing site.