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Week's Forecast

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday 23rd July, valid Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th July, next update by Sunday 30th.Cool and unsettled.The jetstream will remain strong and almost overhead this week. In these situations the weather in Teesdale is seldom dry for more than 24 hours as Atlantic depressions are steered across the UK. We need something major to happen well to our west to shift the jet northwards and allow the Azores’ high pressure system to push up from the south-west. That does not look likely to happen in the near future, so enjoy any of the short-lived fine interludes as they move across. The best days this week seem likely to be Tuesday and Thursday but that can change in these mobile set-ups.This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale:- high 19°C (66°F), low 8°C (46°F) precipitation 25mm (1.0in), sunshine 40hr, high gust 30mph. Risks:- flooding medium, gale low, ground frost medium.As often happens at this time of year, the jetstream has become stuck and we await temperature changes across the big continents, especially North America, to move it. Unfortunately, this year it is now in an unfavourable place for us in Teesdale pulling in cool Atlantic air with the temperature unlikely to better 20°C(68°F) in the dale. There will be bands of rain crossing from west to east, interspersed with drier interludes, hopefully during daylight hours.Last week's weather:- Screen temperature 13.9°C (normally 14.7°C) High 23°C(73°F) Tuesday. Low 4°C (39°F) Thursday. Windiest 26mph Monday. Precipitation 10mm (norm 16mm). Sunshine 49hr (norm 36hr).For the third successive year, July has been cooler than normal. Rainfall and sunshine have been close to normal but winds have been light after such a breezy spell in June. In these days of global warming it is unusual to record a cooler than normal month. The last one was November 2016 and there have been only six in the past two years, most of these during summer. Ken Cook’s 12 hourly Teesdale forecasts, http://

COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met. Office manned observing site.