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Teesdale week's Forecast

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday 10th November, valid Wednesday 13th November until Sunday 17th November, next update by Sunday 17th.Cold and showery, some snow.Yet again, as for much of this autumn, Teesdale will be on the cold northern side of the jetstream. Atlantic depressions will brush past the Northern Isles for much of the working week with associated fresh westerly winds. Towards the weekend, pressure looks likely to build across Scandinavia as a balancing low pressure system is forced to our south. This would re-introduce a north-easterly flow as we had last week.This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale:- high 6°C (43°F), low 0°C (32°F) precipitation 25mm (1inch), sunshine 20hr, high gust 45mph. Risks:- flooding medium, gale medium, grass frost high, fell snow high.Wednesday will be breezy with plenty of showers around in the upper dale but drier further east. The blustery showers may ease briefly, before more heavy showers, some of these wintry over hills, move in. The end of the week will probably remain cold and unsettled, with rain and showers and some snow on our hills. As pressure builds across Scandinavia, winds may turn to a more easterly direction, which would lead to more rain in the east and drier conditions for the western, upper dale. Overnight frost and fog is likely during quieter periods.Last week's weather:- Screen temperature 4.5°C (normally 5.2°C) High 9°C(48°F) Monday. Low -2°C(28°F) Saturday. Low grass surface -7C(19°F) Saturday. Windiest 33mph Thursday. Precipitation 38mm (norm 20mm). Sunshine 9hr (norm 18hr).This autumn continues to be cold and wet, but we escaped the really heavy rain of last week just one hundred miles to our south, when the month’s rainfall fell in just one day. To forecast a rain event such as this with accuracy a week ahead is not possible.Ken Cook’s 12 hourly Teesdale forecasts, http://

COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met Office manned observing site.