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Teesdale week's Forecast

Teesdale weekly forecast, issued Sunday 20th January, valid Wednesday 23rd until Sunday 27th January, next update by Sunday 27th.Rather cold, wintry showersThe high level jetstream will form into a wavy pattern this week. When this happens, Teesdale is as close to the mild Atlantic air as it is to the colder Arctic air. The forecast then becomes quite uncertain beyond five days ahead. As I have written many times, that time scale is often the limit for an accurate prediction even in these days of advanced technology. Most of the time, media forecasts stick to this five day limit because the influence of the world’s weather on our small island is just too complicated for current methods to do any better. This week's overall prediction for mid-Teesdale:- high 6°C (43°F), low -4°C (25°F) precipitation 15mm (0.6in), sunshine 25hr, high gust 40mph. Risks:- flooding low, gale medium, frost high, fell snow high.The forecast for much of this week is reasonably certain with mostly dry, cold, bright conditions and night frosts expected with the occasional wintry shower. It is towards the weekend that doubts begin to appear and, once again, it will be best to look at my 12 hourly forecasts. Until quite recently I expected cold easterly winds to set in with snow showers, but now the Atlantic influence is building with a milder weekend and outbreaks of rain.Last week's weather:- Screen temperature 2.7°C (normally 2.5°C) High 9°C(48°F) Sunday 13th. Low -5°C(23°F) Friday. Windiest 50mph Sunday 13th. Precipitation 0.6mm (norm 17mm). Sunshine 21hr (norm 17hr).The weather has been so dry recently and last week we managed less than 1mm again. Unfortunately the weather in Teesdale has a habit of balancing itself out, so make the most of it, although much of this week is again looking quite dry. Ken Cook’s 12 hourly Teesdale forecasts, http://

COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met Office manned observing site.