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Latest Observations

COPLEY MET OFFICE SITE manual readings 17hr 24th April, Wind NE 8KT(force 3) Visibility 5 miles haze Temperature 12°C Humidity 82% Barometer 991mb steady High today 12.8°C Last night's low 5.1°C Grass 2.5°C 30cm earth 10.5°C Past 24 hours' rain 0.0mm Sun today 2.0hr High gust 17KT(19mph)

Copley Lead Mill site (09hr 24th April):- Max 14.4°C min 5.4°C, 30cm earth 9.5°C April so far, Mean 6.3°C (-0.2C) (Sited with kind permission of Raby Estates)

April so far :- Mean 6.6°C(-0.1C) rain 22.3mm(35%) sun (Campbell Stokes recorder) 144.0hr(88%) wind NE 6.1KT(-2.9KT)

*Click here for the current automated readings.

*Copley is one of the few remaining manned Met Office stations. Observations are made usually at 09GMTand17GMT. During active weather, additional observations could be made. The automatic sensors download every second of every day, technology permitting, and are very useful on this website as the manual observations, although more accurate, soon become dated.

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2019 so far (day 114), Copley Village, snow days 31, frost days 84 Temperature 4.0°C(0.0C) Rain 165.5mm(72%) Sun 495.3hr(122%) Wind W 10.6KT(0.6KT)


COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met Office manned observing site.