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Copley village

The Copley climate.

Copley is known locally for its bracing and breezy weather. Along with the rest of the UK, it has a changeable maritime climate with cool summers [14°C(57°F) July mean] and relatively mild winters [2°C(35°F) January mean]. Annual temperatures usually range from a high of 27°C(80°F) to a low of -10°C(15°F) [grass surface -15°C(5°F)]. Rain [886mm(35") annually] falls on 204 days and in all seasons with a slight peak in late autumn and a dry period in spring. There are some subtle local variations, however. Because of its height above sea level, around 300m(1,000ft), and position in the NE Pennines, Copley is often one of the coldest weather stations in England with high incidences of frost (73 air and156 ground frost nights annually) and snowfalls [82cm (32in)] falling on 56 days and covering more than half the ground on 33 days). The Met Office has ranked us top in England for snow falling days and 5th in their UK weather station list (here). Copley's situation in north-east England also places it in a relatively dry, clear and sunny (1476hr on 313 days) rain-shadow area in the shelter of the higher Pennines to the west. However, the higher Pennines can also create a local strong and gusty effect if the wind blows from the west-south-west. This is the Pennine Lee Wave and can appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Winds from the east tend to bring misty, rainy weather with winter snow. During the short summer nights silvery-blue noctilucent clouds can be seen occasionally in the northern skies reflecting sunlight long after sunset. They are the highest clouds known, often 50 miles up. During the long dark winter nights the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can also be seen in the northern sky. The Copley Lead Mill site is noted for high numbers of frosts (95 nights with air frost) and snow lying days (41) caused by its unique geography. No sun shines there between October and March.

COPLEY VILLAGE HALLWebsite hereBadminton Monday.Loaves and Fishes Junior Youth Club Tuesday.Zumba every Wednesday 7pm-8pmFun Quiz Saturday 19th January 8pmParish Council 2nd Thursday every second month 7pmSolar panels now up and running!Hall hire rates; 1st hour £15, subsequent hours £5 / hour.

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COPLEY CLIMATOLOGICAL STATION altitude 253metres(830feet) Met Office manned observing site.